Hearing perspectives from students who are living and breathing the current Davidson experience is one of the best ways to get to know this community.

We encourage you to send questions to admissionambassadors@davidson.edu for a student-oriented perspective on life at Davidson.

In addition, feel free to reach out to one of our Senior Fellows profiled below.

Summer Admission Fellows

Photo Short Bio
Carter Cook

Carter Cook ’20

Pronouns: she / her / hers

Hometown: Jacksonville, Florida

Major: Political Science

Minor: Data Science

Campus Involvements: Honor Council Vice Chair, Senior Admission Fellow, Chidsey Leadership Fellow, Data CATS Consultant, Flickerball Coach

#WhyDavidson: Looking back on my past four years at Davidson and all the incredible experiences I got to have from studying abroad, to a summer internship in D.C., and consistently working on meaningful and relevant coursework so many areas of study, I am still most grateful for the community of trust and support that Davidson fosters. No matter what grade I was in I found that Davidson staff, faculty members, alumni, and students were all cheering me on, supporting me in any way they could, and constantly working to improve themselves in order to be more welcoming to anyone who comes to campus. While I am sad my Davidson career as a student is over, I know I am a part of the Wildcat family for life!

Fun Fact: I took Swing Dancing for my PE course and got involved in swing dancing in Charlotte!

Favorite Bite to Eat in the Davidson Area: The White Bean Hummus sandwich at Pickled Peach & Black Raspberry Chip Custard from Whits!

Email Carter at cacook@davidson.edu.


Haley Jobe '20

Haley Jobe ’20

Pronouns: she / her / hers

Hometown: Richmond, Virginia

Majors: Political Science and Philosophy

Campus Involvements: Union Board, Club Volleyball, Wesley Campus Ministry, and Rusk House

#WhyDavidson: The people! I came to Davidson to participate in the July Experience program in high school and really valued the relationships that I made during my time on campus. It didn’t matter if it was my professor, peer, or JE counselor, everyone I met was so kind, passionate, and brilliant!

Fun Fact: I love taking yoga, cardio dance, and barre classes on campus!

Favorite Bite to Eat in the Davidson Area: Brule Bowl from the Davidson Ice House followed by a scoop of Raspberry Chocolate Chip custard from Whits!

Email Haley at hajobe@davidson.edu.

Summer Admission Ambassadors

Photo Short Bio
L Culling ’23

L Culling ’23

Pronouns: they / them / theirs

Hometown: Wymondham, England

Major: Undecided, but considering math and/or psychology

Campus Involvements: Dance Ensemble, Davidson International Association, Amnesty International

#WhyDavidson: The people! There’s not a single person I’ve met on campus or in the community who hasn’t wanted to help me achieve my goals.

Fun Fact: I can recite the alphabet backwards!

Favorite Bite to Eat in the Davidson Area: It has to be the Union sushi for me. Nothing beats it when I need a pick-me-up!

Email L at lculling@davidson.edu.


Veronica De La Mora

Veronica De La Mora ’21

Hometown: Chicago, Illinois

Major: Sociology

Minor: Intended Gender and Sexuality Studies

Campus Involvements: Vice President of Latinas Promoviendo Comunidad/Lambda Pi Chi Sorority, Inc., Social Media Coordinator for The Jay Hurt Hub, Organization of Latinx American Students (OLAS), Rusk Eating House

#WhyDavidson: Community is something very important to me and at Davidson, that isn't just an empty word. The sense of community Davidson has is one of the best I have experienced, even when just visiting as a senior in high school. I knew that Davidson would find all the ways it could support me and cheer me on during my time here, but I also know that the community of Davidson is always with me even post-grad. Oh, and the breakfast sandwiches! 

Fun Fact: During my four years at Davidson, I have been the only student named Veronica.

Favorite Bite to Eat in the Davidson Area: Once a semester, the Sociology majors and professors have a lunch together to discuss courses for the upcoming semester, and we get this really amazing pizza with garlic knot twists as the crust from the Davidson Pizza Company. 

Email Veronica at vedelamora@davidson.edu.


Max Dominguez ’22

Max Dominguez ’22

Pronouns: he / him / his

Hometown: Saint Charles, Illinois

Major: English

Minor: Economics

Campus Involvements: Tour Guide, Union Board Special Programming, Mock Trial Executive Board, Humanities Program, Davidson Filmmakers

#WhyDavidson: As a nervous high school senior, I had the opportunity to do a weekend visit to Davidson and stay overnight at a senior apartment. When I arrived, the apartment’s four occupants simultaneously set aside their work and started asking me about my hobbies and goals and passions. Their intentionality and warmth reverberated through my visit and prepared me for the openness of the Davidson community that continues to be one of my favorite things about the school.

Fun Fact: I’ve somewhat less-than-legally high-fived a sea turtle, and I’ve gotten stuck on Six Flags Great America’s “Giant Drop.” I don’t have too many “hidden talents” but I do know a weird amount of movie quotes.

Favorite Bite to Eat in the Davidson Area:  I don’t want to sound hyperbolic, but the Spicy Chicken Quesadilla at Davis Café is a culinary work of art and deserves to be displayed in various museums.

Email Max at madominguez@davidson.edu.


Cami Herring ’21

Cami Herring ’21

Pronouns: she / her / hers

Hometown: Summerfield, North Carolina

Major: History

Campus Involvements: Honor Council Defense Advisor, Bonner Scholar, Resident Advisor, Rusk Eating House, Lula Bell’s Volunteer

#WhyDavidson: I chose Davidson because I wanted a small campus community that I knew would invest in me and that I could also invest in both academically and socially. As a prospective student, I was overwhelmed with the love and support the community gave me whether it was a professor, current student, or even alumni that reached out to me. I knew the network of community and support would not stop at Davidson and the opportunities for research, study abroad, lasting friendships and much more are only a small testament to this.

Fun Fact: It’s physically impossible for me to make a peace sign…detrimental for middle school Cami.

Favorite Bite to Eat in the Davidson Area: a quality Cava bowl in Huntersville is always my go-to.

Email Cami at caherring@davidson.edu.


Erin Mansell ’22

Erin Mansell ’22

Pronouns: she / her / hers

Hometown: Indianapolis, Indiana

Majors: Biology and Music

Campus Involvements: Davidson College Symphony Orchestra, UKirk Campus Ministry, Better Together Interfaith Club, Turner Eating House, DIY Committee

#WhyDavidson: The community! Davidson students, faculty, and staff are intentional, driven, and passionate about making the world a better place, and I’m so grateful to be a part of such an encouraging and supportive community.

Fun Fact: I broke my first bone playing flickerball during my first year at Davidson.

Favorite Bite to Eat in the Davidson Area: Buckeye Whitser from Whits!

Email Erin at ermansell@davidson.edu.


Kaye Mao ’21

Kaye Mao ’21

Pronouns: she / her / hers

Hometown: Guangzhou, China

Majors: Economics and Political Science

Campus Involvements: Resident Advisor, Pre-Law Society President, Chinese Culture Club

#WhyDavidson: I chose Davidson for its close-knit community!

Fun Fact: I know five languages (I’m fluent in about 2.8 of them…)

Favorite Bite to Eat in the Davidson Area: Build-Your-Own Bowl at Davidson Icehouse

Email Kaye at kamao@davidson.edu.


Skylar McVikar

Skylar McVicar ’23

Pronouns: she / her / hers

Hometown: Los Angeles, California

Majors: Intended Political Science and Philosophy

Campus Involvements: Editor for The Davidsonian, Student Government Association, Jewish Student Union Executive Board, Writing Center Tutor, Warner Hall Eating House

#WhyDavidson: Davidson’s Honor Code creates an extraordinarily supportive camaraderie that enables Wildcats to fearlessly explore and experiment.

Fun Fact: I went to 14 countries in a year!

Favorite Bite to Eat in the Davidson Area: Chocolate Chip Scone and an Oat-milk Latte from Nummit

Email Skylar at skmcvicar@davidson.edu.


Emily Rounds ’21

Emily Rounds ’21

Pronouns: she / her / hers

Hometown: Princeton, New Jersey

Major: Hispanic Studies

Campus Involvements: President of Rusk Eating House, Senior Admission Fellow, Spanish Apprentice Teacher

#WhyDavidson: The people are the reason why I loved Davidson as a prospective student and why I love it four years later. As a prospective student, everyone I met on campus welcomed me and genuinely cared about getting to know me. This has remained true over the last three years of my college experience; the people at Davidson are committed to fostering community and challenging each other to be better.

Fun Fact: I was on “The Cake Boss” for about three seconds in middle school!

Favorite Bite to Eat in the Davidson Area: Birthday Cake from Kindred

Email Emily at emrounds@davidson.edu.